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SHAREit as its name indicates, it is primarily developed for sharing the files, but now it has a lot of options like built-in file manager, media player, etc., The sharing options in the SHAREit has also been developed, It is also available for different platforms. The transfer speed of data through SHAREit for iOS is improved a lot.

Shareit Apk
Shareit Apk

Now any iOS user need not regret the unavailability of file sharing application. SHAREit had arrived for your platform to offer you the best experience of file sharing. Not all the applications available for Android support for iOS. But SHAREit was designed to provide cross-platform support such that you could share data between users of various other platforms. Share data such as files, folders, documents, movies, audio, videos and more with SHAREit installed on your iOS.


  • SHAREit Shares Everything: SHAREit allows you to shares all types of files whenever and wherever. Transfer files such as pictures, music, video, documents, apps and games and more.
  • Transfer Speed: SHAREit for iOS performs transfers of data at speed 200 times the speed of Bluetooth. It transfers with a rate of 20 Mb/s.
  • Share Data Without USB: Share files and data without any external cables or USB with the app.
  • Share Without The Internet: The SHAREit for iPhone allows the user to transfer any files without any internet connection.
  • Share Without Network: Share the files or data at any time to any SHAREit user anywhere without the network connection.
  • Share In Groups: Share any files and data for a group of friends with SHAREit. Enter the portal and start sharing data with your buddies.
  • Enjoy Music: Enjoy the listening experience with music on SHAREit Music player.
  • SHAREit Value: There is an integrated encryption tool available that protects your photos and videos.
  • Languages Supported: SHAREit for iOS supports multilingual languages of about 39 languages from around the world.
  • SHAREit Availability: It is available for all types of platforms like Android, Windows, Blackberry, Tizen, etc.


Category: File Sharing
Supported Operating Systems: iOS
Languages: Multiple Languages
License: Freeware

Download SHAREit on iOS

Downloading the SHAREit for iOS is a straightforward one. The steps to download SHAREit iOS is given below.

Step 1: Open the iTunes App Store on your iOS device.

Step 2: Search for the SHAREit application, the SHAREit and its related applications will be displayed on your iOS mobile.

Step 3: Then you can tap the SHAREit app and tap on the install button to initiate the installation.

How to download SHAREit On iOS
How to download SHAREit for iOS

Step 4: The SHAREit iOS asks for the permission to access the data on your mobile just tap accept to install the application on your device.

Step 5: After downloading the app, it will be automatically installed on your device.

How to download SHAREit On iOS
How to download SHAREit for iOS

Step 6: Tap on the SHAREit app icon to launch the application and enjoy sharing files with your friends.

How to use SHAREit on iOS

Step 1: After the installation of the SHAREit on your iOS device, just tap the app icon to launch it.

Step 2: When you open the SHAREit for the first time, the app interface will ask you for the username and the profile picture, just provide the details.

Step 3: The home screen of the app has sent and receive option, just tap the appropriate option to perform the necessary action.

How to use SHAREit On iOS
How to use SHAREit On iOS

Step 4: When you tap send you will be directed to the window to choose the files you wish to send, just tap on the data to select them and then tap the send button.

Step 5: Now the SHAREit will look for the nearby devices and then it will show the devices, just tap the device you wish to send those files

How to use SHAREit On iOS
How to use SHAREit On iOS

Step 6: That’s it the data will automatically be sent to the nearby devices quickly.

Author: Shareit Admin

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